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Presenting M&R ART Jewelers

M&R ART Jewelry is a small jewelry business that grew up from a hobby.

At first the fashion jewellery was created only for personal use in attending weddings, celebrations, and similar festive occasions.
The jewelry appealed to many who asked where such a beautiful jewelry could be bought and hearing the answer asked if something similar could be made for them.

With recommendations, more and more people contacted for a fashion jewelry items.
Thus the creation of jewelry started for family and friends first and as the word spread out, the business started and grew hence today M&R ART jewelry is offering its handmade jewelry to a wide audience.

Registered as an independent artist, the jewelry is steadily created in the same fashion, handcrafted in detail, piece by piece, to the customer's fullest satisfaction and due to the nature of registration the number of jewelry created each year is limited.


Feel free to browse our jewelry shop and enjoy our collection of handmade jewellery.

Should you have questions regarding the specific jewelry item, please contact us with the named ID of the item. Orders are possible. However availability is not guaranteed.


Should you be visiting Dubrovnik, visits to our atelier our possible. However, visits need to be prearranged. During the visit to the atelier you are able to browse the whole jewelry collection and purchase the jewelry items you like.


Contact is as follows:




Handmade Jewelry - How we do it ?

Process of making Fashion jewelryThe painstaking process of making fashion jewelry requires the right materials, and a combination of creativity, patience, and accuracy to line up the small beads onto the nylon string or attach the small beads or metal pieces onto the metal skelet. Whatever method of creation is utilized the process is slow and for us jewelers even relaxing. Jewelry making is the cure for the nerves. Ultimately the Handmade jewelry M&R ART creates is unique in the way that no one jewelry piece is made the same.

Different methods are used to create unique, art jewelry.

Each jewelry item passes the slow process of creation and if the result is un satisfactory the jewelry item in question is disassembled and assembled again, bead by bead, piece by piece, until it lines up to create art and is worthy of becoming a valuable piece of the most imaginative fashion jewelry collection we all come to love.
Whatever in question: necklace, earring, or bracelet, each piece is handmade in a way that every piece of our jewelry is unique. Because every and each of us is unique as well !